Tuesday, June 19, 2012

50 Shades of WTF

Ok, so if I have to see one more post about 50 Shades of Grey I'm going to kill myself.  I understand people like to suggest things to other people that they like, such as restaurants and movies.  I am totally fine with this, but it bothers me when people suggest things that are awkward or completely useless.

My main concern with this is the plot of the story, or should i say what I assume the plot of the story is.  Keep in mind I haven't read the book and am basing most of these facts off of what I've heard or read in reviews.  According to what I've read, its about a female college grad who happens to be a virgin that has never had a boyfriend (Yeah ok, that's going to happen today......soooo realistic).  She takes a job at some company and starts banging the CEO, but I guess the dude is into like all kinds of freaky crap (bondage and crap like that).  First off I don't know the details of how they started banging, nor do I really care.  Secondly, a girl who actually is reading it told me it reminded her exactly of Twilight.  Great so apparently all I need to do now to be a successful author is just start writing books about weird squirrely girls who bang really socially awkward guys.  What ever happened to writing a great story that people want to read?  When did we decide we wanted to read pornography? I'd love nothing more than for a book I write to become famous and for people to actually enjoy it!  Not to mention make some money off of it so I don't have to work at place that doesn't appreciate me.

I know that I'm clearly going to pick a fight with some of my female readers here but like this goes back to my previous blog on love.  Why in god's name do women want some mysterious asshole to come and whisk them away.  Like I thought girls always wanted the white knight to come and rescue them.  All my life I have been raised to be the "nice guy".  Granted I can be an asshole, I can treat people like shit, but deep down inside I always do the right thing.  I was taught to always help out people, friends or not.  There's no reason you should shit on someone for no good reason.  Plus later on down the road you may need help from someone else and I doubt you'd like for them to shit on you.  Perhaps I'm showing my age here, but I was taught to respect people.  Thus why I am so confused when it comes to books like this.  Shouldn't women be like "OMG I WANT TO FIND A NICE GUY WHO TREATS ME WELL"?  The last girl I dated, told me about how "retarded" her ex was. How he treated her like crap and told her how to live her life.  She wanted to have kids some day and get married, he told her he was not doing that and she'd have to deal with it.  So eventually she got fed up with him and left him.  We started dating, I can say this, and with out exaggerating, that I treated her amazing.  I listened to her, took her out, took her to hockey games, movies, parties.  Out to dinner, cooked her dinner, had movies nights, gave her gifts(which i know isn't that important), all the things that should make her feel good, appreciated and dare I say loved.  What was my thanks for this?  She went back to her ex and left me high and dry, blocked my number and deleted me from Facebook almost instantly (Insert "Somebody I used to know" lyrics).  I just don't understand it.  Again not to toot my own horn here, but i'd have to say I was better looking than that jitbag anyways.

I think my main point here is how women constantly underrate themselves.  I don't know why, maybe its the whole supermodel/barbie concept where they don't think they are good looking enough or popular enough.  Why women are never satisfied with themselves I'll never know.  I was once told that this affects their relationships too, and I wasn't sure I believed it, but the more I see, the more I do believe it.  The theory goes as such:  If you treat a woman nicely and the way you should, she will think that she's above you, that clearly you are doing all these things to hang on to her, because she's better than you.  Which will thus lead her to look else where, because she thinks she can do better.  If you treat a woman like shit, degrade her and not do things that make her happy, she will feel as if she can't do any better.  She will think that if this is the way she is being treated, that you must be the upper echelon of men that she can attain.  Thus she will never leave you.  Now I'm not saying I do this, but maybe this is why women are they way they are today.  Perhaps this answers the question of why women have an infatuation with assholes.  They have been grown into a culture where this is normal and thus it is clearly hard to break them from these ways.  Again, not all couples are like this, I know people who are nice to their wives or girlfriends, and they get along just fine.  But for every couple I know like that, there are 20 that are dysfunctional or fit the great girl/total asshat boyfriend category.

Aside from that, I'd just like to say this:

Women, please respect yourselves.  Don't settle for some douche bag who treats you like total garbage.  There are still nice guys out there, I know a few myself, and I don't even mean just myself.  There is no reason why you need to think you are inferior or beneath someone.  Believing in yourself and what you are is the best way to empower yourself.  Don't ever tell yourself you can't do something, there are plenty of assbags out there that will to do that for you.  Stay true to yourself and there is no reason you will ever feel dissatisfied with your life.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


OK so today's topic is a legitimate deep topic, coming right from the heart and it makes sense, today's topic ladies and gentlemen is: Love.

So many people are "looking for it" ,allegedly some people have "found it", and honestly too many people complain about it or the lack of having it.  I myself have been guilty of the last one. A few times I thought I found it, only to be ripped apart leaving me in tatters worse than a shitty roll of 2 ply shit wrap (Toilet Paper, haha). Regardless I'm really not the type to put my business out there on the facebook, granted I have done the "In a relationship", "Is now single" BS.  But I'm entirely sick of looking in my stream and seeing women complaining about how some douche bag ripped their heart out and that all men are the same and dickheads, yadda yadda, so on and so forth.  I don't necessarily mind the people that proclaim their love, or say how great their spouse is. You would think that this may annoy me as I'm not in love of whatever.  Wrong, I'm not a bitter person, I really enjoy seeing people being happy, Thus I enjoy seeing my friends and family happy in a relationship and happy.  Good for them and I hope to find something like they have in the future.

My problem lies with the idiots out there.  Guys who have the greatest girlfriend, smart, fun, cute, and they either A. Treat her like shit or B. Complain about her til my ears bleed.  Or the women that complain, as i stated earlier, about how there are no good guys out there and everyone treats me like garbage.  1.  Stop dating douche bags who treat you like shit and that wont happen.  2.  Stop being closed minded and snobby and only dating Brad Pitt and maybe you will get someone who actually respects you.  3.  If you have to constantly hound your boyfriend into hanging out or spending time with you, he probably doesn't care about you enough.

Someone I recently spoke with, was dating a person who lived a decent amount of mileage away. They saw each other here and there due to their work schedules.  Recently they broke up, the dude ended it, my friend is the girl.  He said that it really hurts him to do this, because he likes her and all that. Maybe its me but like......WTF?  Generally if you like someone you don't leave them.  By far the dumbest excuse I have ever heard.  I know a guy who is in a relationship, and the girl lives 11,000 miles away.  So don't ever tell me distance is an excuse.  Also who the hell is he going to find a person who works the same exact schedule? That is whats known as being selfish.  Don't get me wrong I need attention as much as the next person, but I can also use my space as well.  Alone time, time with my hockey team, time with family, or hanging out with friends doing whatever.  What I'm getting at here is "YOU DON'T NEED TO BE GLUED TO EACH OTHER".  I'm quite sure if my father didn't go fishing as much as he did when i was a kid, my parents would have killed each other years ago.  Back to the original point, if you like someone, you would move mountains to be with them, to get to them, there is no reason that you have to hurt them as well as yourself to be more convenient for yourself.

Perhaps this is a shit subject for me because I'm still looking for love.  I've dated a number of girls, some that cheated on me, some that were nice, that i screwed up, some that weren't right for me, and some that were just plain nuts.  Like literally nuts.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not Brad Pitt, but i'd say I'm like a pretty good looking guy, I'm smart, I'd consider myself funny and fun to be around.  A problem I have is meeting new people, I hate going out sometimes, I get all anxious and stuff.  However for the most part I'm a guy who loves the light, a social butterfly if you will.  I just have a hard time, and always have had a hard time, talking to and meeting girls.  I've tried the whole online dating thing too.  Boy is that a total sham.  I legitimately take the time to read over a cute girls profile, send her a thoughtful email and they read it and delete it.  Like OK I'm not Brad Pitt, but give a dude a chance.  Also from what I've heard women usually get like  "HEY, wanna bang 2nite?",  in their inbox.  So like if I'm taking the time to send a thoughtful email why would they not take the time to say something back, or even "I'm not really interested".  Holy shit a response would be golden.  For Christ's sake you are on an online dating site, why are you being a snob?! Balls.  Anyways, enough about my bullshit.

What I'm getting at here, with this whole topic of love is that people need to be themselves.  People need to care less about what other people feel or tell them to feel.  They need to be more concerned with what they feel.  If you like someone, be with them, if you hate someone or they treat you like shit, tell them, don't string people along, or bullshit them.  I don't care what race or creed you are, if you are an asshole I'm going to tell you that you are, because that's how you deserve to be treated.  If you are in a relationship that sucks, fix it, or end it, don't complain about it on facebook and especially don't categorize all men or women as jerks or whatever just because something didn't go your way.