Thursday, May 10, 2012

Love Hate Relationship

My relationship with working out / eating healthy can be described in nothing more than Love / Hate. A few years back I knew a kid whos bicepts were about the size of my head.  He got me into working out and eating healthy.  Now I'm a small dude, not huge or tall by any means.  At 5'7" I'm usually wishing for stilts or debating on whether or not i should lift my leg when i kiss a girl taller than myself.  But i figured it would be nice to get into better shaped and feel good.  Not to mention attract some attention from the ladies! O.o  Anyways, I got into it and bought supplaments and Protien shakes and weights.  I worked out almost every night and felt the best i think ive ever felt.  Eating healthy can really change your mindset and litterally you dont feel like ass (The kind of ass you feel like after eating KFC and a large mac and cheese).  It really can make you into a different person.  I was eating healthier than I ever had.  Yogurts, lean meats, rice cakes and all those sort of healthy fruits and veggies you should eat.

The only problem there was that i sort of tailed off.  I ended up regaining the weight i took off, lost muscle and went back to my old eating styles, which included but are not limited to eating bags of Doritos, ice cream, and fast food.  Even Soda, which is a terrible waste of calories.  Now again a few months ago, before Thanksgiving and the Holidays, i started eating healthy again, not even working out (unless you count hockey like 3 days a week), just eating healthy.  I have to say within two months I felt great.  I was skating faster and playing harder than I ever had on the ice.  I woke up earlier with more energy than I had.  Then again, I slowly slipped back into bad habits, then the holidays hit and I like most Americans pigged out and stuffed my face.  Which lead me back into the blahh stage.  I really want to get back to this.

I have P90X I just have a hard time making time and following it.  I have a membership at Planet Fatass, although I don't use it that often because its so far from my house. I'd eat healthier, but i don't always have time to make a lunch or go shopping.  Those are all bullshit excuses that I use all the time.  This time around it's going to be different.  I plan on holding myself accountable for the things I do now.  Playing in three hockey leagues, and maybe some work outs during the week 1 or 2 times, combined with healthy eating should get me there.  There's no reason why I can't do this.  The only person stopping me is myself.  My job is even physical so this should be easy.  Plus summer is coming and that will have me outside hiking, playing sports, and running around.  Thus I am committed to getting back in shape and wont stop until I am.


So, I haven't posted in a while here, mostly because I've been running around like a mad man for the last few weeks.  I had a hockey tournament in Pittsburgh, typically work weeks, Overtime, as well as the fact that I'm now in 3 separate hockey leagues.  That being said, here is my latest entry.

I've officially decided to go back to school this fall.  The hardest part is figuring out what the hell I'm going to do to pay for it.  I never went to college out of high school as i got a job using my computer certification.  It was a decent entry level job, with opportunity to advance.  Around 2 years later I found myself unemployed with no degree and hardly any experience in the field, which landed me back in a retail job.  I jerked around in this field for a few more years, which finally i decided that i need to go back to school to get out of the dungeon known as retail.  I went back for Pharmacy, and quickly learned it was more work than i could handle with a full time job, that combined with the fact that Wilkes was charging me 26k a year.  I was so broke after paying bills I could barely eat.  Those two combined factors is what led me to leave school.  2 years in and I had nothing to show for it.

This time I've changed my major to something I really actually am interested in.....Communications.  I plan on taking Journalism classes as well as Media classes.  I've always been quite good at expressing my self via text and or speaking my mind.  I was a DJ on the radio for a little while and I always found that to be cool.  I got to create comedy sketches for the show, play the music I thought was cool, and even have friends listen to me.  If you cant already tell I'm pretty much 100% obsessed with Ice Hockey, I'd absolutely love to do something in the sports field, sports writing, sports reporting, anything like that.  I have to say I'm really quite excited about this.

The challenge now comes in the small stuff.  "Don't sweat the small stuff" they always say.  I say that's bullshit, at least for me.  Small stuff like funding for college, money for books, class scheduling, electives, figuring out all the paper work.  These are the hardest things for me.  I hate reading monotonous text about loans and such. If its something I'm interested in its no problem, but fine print about loans....I'm going to have to will myself to do this.

The question I have is how the hell do people get all these grants and scholarships.  I've filled out the FAFSA and they always tell me to go blow a dong, thus i get no funding.  I should have payed more attention in high school when they talked about these things.  I dated a girl that went to school essentially on a free ride after all her scholarships and grants, and some how had so much left over she put a down payment on a car with it.  How do things like this happen to everyone else, but not me.  Well not this time, I'm gonna figure this shit out if it kills me, By THE WAY, if anyone has any input or ideas, please let me know.