Monday, April 9, 2012

Pet Peeves.....Grrrrrrr....

Alrighty! First off id like to say i hope everyone had a good holiday.  I for one was working 12 hours, so needless to say it wasn't a totally Happy Easter for myself.

This post is entirely focused on a few things lately that have become my pet peeves.

For starters the work it self.  Why do we call them pet peeves.  Well upon doing research i have realized peeves is another word for something that's annoying.  Pet refers to the fact that its your favorite or favored, Thus Favorite Annoyances. However, i still cannot understand why we don't just call them, things that piss me off.  People in today's society have become too politically correct, if more people spoke what was on their minds, there would undoubtedly be less Red tape and lines of bullshit circulating in today's world. God forbid someone say what they feel. And perhaps people are worried about what people will think about what they say. Mostly because of the aforementioned political correctness.  People shouldn't look so much into other peoples opinions and doubt themselves so much.  There are plenty of people that are willing to put you down, so don't ever do it to yourself.

Another one of my favorite annoyances would defiantly have to be the squiggly letter, confirmation boxes on websites.  I under stand that there is a need to determine if the person is indeed not a computer bot. But for shits sake the robot would have a better chance at typing some of those things that i would.  Not to mention half the time its not even a real word in the box, which i personally think makes it five times harder to figure out.  Or the fact that one word is easily readable like Book then comes the second word and its like quidgibo. Like what the hell does that even say?  and to top it all off they have the balls to make it squiggly as all hell too.  

Recently another thing that has been sighted on my pissed off radar are the pictures on facebook that people put up just so they can get "likes" or what ever.  There is one of a badly burned veteran in his military uniform, looks to be a Marines uniform.  The posting i saw was something to the effect of "Like this if you really respect veterans".  First off, i have a tremendous respect for veterans.  Both my grandfathers served and a few of my friends as well.  They served their country in its time of need.  If the time came i would do the same.  That being said, id imagine that particular veteran didn't want his wedding picture posted all over the internet.  Something like that must have been and may still be a traumatic experience for him.  My one friend served in the marines in a combat zone and rarely says anything about the service, mostly because he doesn't want to talk about it and secondly because i probably wouldn't understand half of the terms he uses.  The second one i saw was a little girl clearly suffering from cancer or something, with no hair, in a Cinderella costume.  "Like this if you think shes beautiful" the post said.  Like i have a hard time dealing with this one.  My grandfather died from cancer. Thus it pains me deeply to see a small child having it at such a young age.  The problem i have is that i don't know this child.  I don't know her parents, and i certainly don't know anything about her.  There are people that i know that have died from cancer or other diseases.  Some of them were complete and total assholes.  I'm not making the case of they got what they deserved, I wouldn't wish that on anyone or anything.  However just because the person died in a certain way or of a certain disease doesn't make them a saint, nor does it take away all the bad things they did in their life.  If Hitler died of cancer, 1.  He would still be a great public speaker. 2.  He would still be a terrible asshat who did unspeakable things.  So please before you go liking pictures make sure its for a good reason.

This one may seem simple and stupid but it really gets under my skin.  You approach a door way, there are two doors, on on the left and one on the right.  You proceed to the one on the right has this is the way traffic usually would flow, and someone comes plowing out of it.  Why is it so hard to use the correct door, when entering and exiting a building?  Or when you open the right door and people coming running out of it, as if they don't know how to use the second door.  Do these people drive on the wrong side of the road? Are these people from Britain and don't know any better? 

I work for Lowe's, i'd rather not get into details as i may say something that will come back to bite me, however, the old Lowe's slogan was "Let's Build Something Together"  which i thought was rather clever.  IT showed a partnership between the company and the customer, working together to accomplish a goal. Now the slogan has changed to "Never Stop Improving", which sounds motivational, however to me its the company saying, "Keep buying things, cause we don't care".  With this new slogan has come a rash of new commercials that make absolutely new sense what so ever.  Around Christmas there was one that showed people rolling a giant ball of lights all over the country, Myself and countless others thought it was an AT&T commercial.  Recently there's one where an awkward green mist comes into your house and makes you float out the window and do yard work.  All of these are accompanied by some sort of lame hipster music.  Most people that shop at Lowe's are from one group, and they don't want to be there, they are called.....Men. As long as i can remember, my father has been home project himself.  Which naturally made me the sidekick / helper.  Many of my childhood weekends were spent fixing things around the house, which is where i learned to curse like a sailor.  Not usually ever went right, which caused more trips the the hardware store, or you'd get home and find out the supposedly knowledgeable staff (actually a 17 year old kid who could care less) sold you the wrong part.  Not to mention the fact that no one likes working around the house, anyone who says they like cutting the grass is a complete dummy.  Its not relaxing, its work.  It's something to do yes, but id much rather be doing something else.  To me a Lowe's commercial should be something like "(Man sitting on couch watching the game) Aww yes the game! (Woman enters the room complaining about how the sink is still leaking) "I thought you said you were gonna fix the sink this weekend?!?! (Man, lets out a long drawn out sigh............)"  And that's where you drop the slogan "Lowe's, Fix things and get back to life",  or "Lowe's get shit done".  

I have a ton more i suppose, but i shall leave it at that for now!  Stay tuned as i plan on explaining the reason for the name change of my blog.  As well as more posts!  For now i'm off to my Hockey game, feel free to come out and support us, admission is free!  Pittston Ice Box (Revolution Ice Center). Game is at 8PM!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Blog!

Seeing as I am new to this whole blogging idea. Take it easy on me would ya?

I guess I can blame my sister as well as myself for wanting to start doing this. I find myself to be rather opinionated on most things, so why not type it up and put it out for more people to read and hopefully appreciate.

I figure since this is my first blog i should introduce myself and give you some insight on to what makes me tick and what my background is. I was born in the great city of Wilkes-Barre, PA. Somewhere around age 3 i departed the area and moved to the Poconos, where i still currently reside. The only unfortunate thing about that is that i still do 98 % of my activities in the "Valley". The fact that gas is so expensive caused me to get rid of my truck and buy an economical car, that i have been told would be great for a grandmother or a 16 year old girl. Great..... However it keeps me from vomiting over gas prices and spending my bi-weekly pay checks on it as well.

For hobbies i really enjoy playing/watching Ice hockey, soccer and football. Playing video games, fiddling with radio and computer equipment has always been a talent of mine, as well as cooking. I was a DJ for a small while on the radio, which i found to be tremendous fun.

I'm sure you will see more insight into myself as time goes on, i don't want to beat the drum about myself for 900 paragraphs.

Stay tuned as i plan on updating this a lot. Also, thanks for taking the time to read this!