Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The royal who gives a crap.

So as you have all probably heard the royal baby has been born.


It has become increasingly more apparent to me in the last few years that Americans are obsessed with the absolute dumbest stuff on the planet.

First it was the whole “royal wedding” and now this.

Over the past two days alone, I have seen about 14 trillion Facebook and Twitter updates about the baby, the Duchess, the Prince and the Queen.  I think I can speak for most of the sane people and say, “who the hell cares?”

I do agree it is part of history; the royal family is carrying on their line, okay.  Beyond that, who cares?  Why are Americans obsessed with what Kate is wearing, what hat the Queen had on and especially what the name is going to be? 

I find myself becoming increasingly infuriated with this nation’s idea of pop-culture.

The American Colonies spent years, resources and lives to separate themselves from England. I do understand that times have changed and we are allies now, but the whole reason behind the revolution was due to the royal family.  (Please don’t take me for a narrow minded fool here; I understand that the form of government has changed as well.)

I’ll never understand why people find half of these things considered pop-culture interesting. 

15 minutes with a program like Inside Edition or Extra can teach you why this country has fallen as far as it has.  People are obsessed with the most stupid things, anywhere from a skateboarding squirrel to what Kanye West’s baby will be named.  I can find humor in everyday stories, but to think that people actually make money to take pictures of celebrities and report on how many times Brittany Spears has shown her privates, boggles my mind. 

I feel like if more people spent the same amount of time on local government issues or community problems that they spend on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” the world could be that much better of a place.  Think of all the parks in your area in need of a sprucing up.  Or the old woman down the street that has to struggle to cut her grass.  Even in your own family things can be changed, work on a family garden, teach your kid to play catch, for god’s sake get out and take a walk together. 

The point I’m desperately trying to make here is:

There is a whole world out there; it needs people to help make it better.  There are communities that desperately need volunteers, kids that need mentors and lives that need enriching. 

Rather than waste our time on petty things like the royal baby, why not get out there and make a difference in something that matters?